Friday, April 17, 2009

Wet Suit Shopping Tips

Wet Suit Shopping Tips

How is your Cold Water Acclimatization going? – see earlier blog.

So, you need a new wet suit? Cool, I think we all need to treat ourselves to comfort when it comes to a wet suit. From your research online, there are often so many on the market that the choice can be challenging, virtually. I do not recommend an online purchase of a first time wet suit. Plan to get out and visit a local store for this important purchase. Here are a few tips for picking the shop and how to prepare for the fitting.

I recommend that you first find a shop, local, that offers at least 3 different brands for try on. Consider going with a training buddy, if possible. Even better if he/she is buying too, as there may be a discount in the double purchase from the store. Some other things to consider when choosing the store are:
· Availability of Sales Support Staff - if there will be someone there the help you – 1on1 sales help – or be sure to take a friend (training buddy) with you.
· Temperature – you are likely going to sweat during the trying on process so pick a cool day or a store which had great air conditioning.
· Under Garment - Be sure to take along your swim suit or tri shorts and keep them on during your try on sessions. If the changing area is a tight cubical, don’t be modest. Get out into the hallway where you have room to move around. Don’t be shy with the sales person as they have likely seen it all by now and trying on the suit will have them right into your personal space. Now, there is nothing to read between the lines here. I’m sure all wet suit sales persons are on the ‘up and up’ when it comes to helping out clients, I’m just saying be prepared and be open to being slightly more exposed then what might be ‘normal’.

Right, so you picked to store. Perfect, here are a few more tips:
· Time: Pick a time that isn’t really busy. Saturday 2 pm is not a good time. Monday 9:30 am is a good time. You will need a good 90 minutes to try on your 3 suits.
· Washroom Visit: Oh, and be sure to go and have a pee (or more) prior to starting as with all the bending, sitting, standing, jumping on the spot, squeezing your abs, retching, struggling, huffing and puffing some ‘issue’ is likely to come up.
· Shower: Do us all a favor and have a shower before you go. You are going to break a sweat and will be in close proximity to either your sales help or your training buddy so be kind… if it’s in your nature.
· Sticky Deodorant: Don’t apply a heaping amount of deodorant either for this venture, just a thin layer will do. There is an expectation to sweat from the dealer’s point of view but they don’t expect your brand of deodorant all over the suits you are trying on.
· Nails: Long nails are totally out, unless you want to be responsible to purchase the first suit you try on by tearing the suit. Take a moment to trim your nails prior to the session. For the athletes with faux nails, I’m not sure what to suggest accept, for sure, those Dragon Lady nails are totally out! If they are those rounded type, that are sort of thick and not too long, it could work. Better, just wet suit shopping on one of your ‘cuticle breathing’ days.

So, with that, I think we’ve gotten all the personal formalities of picking the shop and preparing yourself for the fitting, out of the way. Next is your, likely to be unique, fitting experience.

Coach K

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